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DESIGN The Commerce Design competition

Based on an original concept from Montréal with expertise from the Cité du Design, the Commerce Design competition is primarily to award Saint-Etienne traders and artisans for the quality of their shops’ interior and exterior design. The competition isn’t designed to promote a single shop but shops in general.
The competition also aims to highlight the talent of the professionals designing and fitting the retail outlets.

It also aims to encourage two worlds – traders and designers – which don’t automatically collaborate with each other, to come together to show the aesthetic and practical advantages in terms of fitting and equipment to encourage sales and increase turnover.

Considering that the main role of a shop boils down to selling, the idea that professionals believe the life span of a shop’s identity and concept lasts approximately 5 years is now changing.

Customers are becoming more and more aware and demand a certain atmosphere. They no longer hesitate to walk into a shop whose atmosphere has attracted them.
The city of Saint-Étienne wants to use this competition to make both parties aware of the importance of bringing together their skills and coming together to discuss, plan and design a space to encourage communication, enjoyment and buying.